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LAF Logistics railway department is specialized in international through railway transport and land bridge transportation. At the moment we have established extended network in Moscow, Almaty and Zabaikalsk. The manager of the department has more than a decade of experience on international railway transportation who’s an expert on offering solutions for any case. We are delighted to offer safe, fast and professional railway transportation and consulting service for overseas and domestic customers!

The international through railway transport from any place of China to the below areas is offered:

uManchuria - back Baikalsky to Independent States such as Russia, Belarus, Ukraine。

uThrough Alsk - Duositeke to Middle Asian countries.

uFrom Er Lian Hao Te - Zhamenwude to Mongolia

uFrom Dandong - Xinyizhou to Korea

uFrom Pingxiang - Tongdeng to Vietnam

uFrom Suifen River - Geluojiekewo to Russian Far East area

uFrom China port - eastern port railway_ ocean combined transport to Russia。

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