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As a sub branch of Qingdao LAF Packaging Co., Ltd, Qingdao LAF Logistics is a senior international logistics company who’s approved by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (MOFTEC) and formally registered at the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. Supported by the liquid logistics resources of LAF Packaging, LAF Logistics has grown into the expert of bulk liquid logistics after putting the practices and efforts for years. 


LAF Logistics established good relations with the Authorities of many Chinese ports during the practical works in many years. LAF Logistics has the permit for loading liquid cargoes on the ships of the following shipping companies:  MSK,CMA,MSC,ZIM,COSCO,CSCL,HMM,SITC,EMC,YML,CSAV,HPL,NYK,WHL,TSL,HEUNG-A,RCL. The annual liquid cargo transportation is 93,000 TEU. LAF Logistics owns outstanding experiences for loading and transporting the liquids by operating the transportation of wide range of food grade and chemical liquid. LAF Logistics will offer professional and customized logistics solution according to the name and characteristic of the goods, which is the ideal option for the customers who sell liquid cargo. The shipping line is widely spread all over the world which allows LAF Logistics to offer the logistic service for any shipping line.


We thank for your entrusting and the team of LAF Packaging & LAF Logistics will return in a warm, professional and ernest manner.

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