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  • Bag-in-box(BIB)


BIB liner is bag in box liner, it is a completely new packaging type for liquid storage and transportation. It consists of a flexible liner bag made of multi layers, a sealed filling spout and a matched box. BIB can be used as transfer storage and final packaging with the features of collapsible, light weight, easy storage and transportation, low breakage rate, save storage and packaging costs, simple operation.


Capacity: 1L-220L

Specification: Top loading&top discharging; top loading&bottom discharging

Structure: Outer layer is high strength anti osmosis composite membrane, inner layer is food grade LDPE

Spout: 1 or 2 inches spout to meet different requirements of customers


Safe & Hygienic

Scientific design, safe and reliable, aseptic, nontoxic, non odor,good strength and flexibility. Better meet packaging requirements of food grade products , because the disposable food grade PE liner can direct contact food or liquid products and no need of cleaning.


Efficient recycling, no pollution, reduce resource waste;

Light weight, raw material consumption can be saved with a maximum amount of 80% compared to traditional packaging;

Small occupation, save freight costs, raise transportation efficiency to at least 20%;

Save the consumption of fuel and energy, effectively control carbon dioxide emissions, reduce environment pollution;

Allocate different packing materials according to different transporting modes, distances and conditions. Packaging costs will be controlled within reasonable range.

Flexible & Practical

Customized to different types of spouts, bags and sizes, flexible and convenient.

Sealed & Durable

Tight sealed bags and spout, unique design of switch allow the outflow of liquid and stop the inflow of air.

Comparison with similar products


Plastic Drum


Storage Management


Empty drum requires huge stack space,the out-and-in statistical work of drum is complex 

Collapsible before usage,easy stacking,light weight,small storage space,convenient; after filling, stacked on pallet, easy storage, moving and transporting.



Costs on transportingcleaning and storing of empty drums still keep high

After empty materialonly need to take out the bag and flatten the box for classification 


Costs of long-distance selling keep high because of the limit of radius of recycling transportation.

Long-distance selling and export trade makes the packaging advantage prominent



BIB with simple packagelight weightlarge loading capacity and small exhaust emissions for the same tonnage transportation tools; freight costs is only 30% of plastic bucket for the same capacity packaging.


The price of medium-sized BIB is only 30%-40% the price of 20L plastic drum.



















Wine, Beer, Rice Wine, Coffee, Concentrated Tea, Juice, Pulp, Syrup, Water

Liquid Food:

Edible Oil like Soybean Oil, Corn Oil, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil; Dairy like Milk and Ice Cream; Condiment like Soy Sauce and Vinegar; Concentrated Juice,Jam, Pulp like Apple Juice, Pear Juice Tomato Paste and Mango Puree; Sauce, Soup, Liquid Egg, Sorbitol, Syrup, Ingredients and Additives

Industrial Oil:

Engine Oil, Lubricating Oil, Glycerol,Gear Oil, Castor Oil, Tung Oil, Transformer Oil, White Oil, Fatty Acids.

Other Liquids:

Adblue, Detergent, Disinfectant, Feed Additive, Adhesive, Chemicals, Paintings, Drugs


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