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  • Container Liner


Container liner, also called as dry bulk liner, is used for bulk granules or powder   transportation with 20ft or 40ft ISO container


Size:Suit for 20ft, 40ft ISO container, can also be designed according to customer demands.

Loading/Unloading Spout: cylindrical tube, rectangular tube, top opening tube

Accessories: bulkhead, steel bars, EPE Cotton (optional)



Save 75% loading/unloading time compared with equivalent small-sized packages.

Save 50% packaging cost compared with other packages.

Eliminate potential secondary pollution to cargo

Water and moisture proof

East to install and operate

Food grade material, safe and sanitary

100% recyclable and easy to put aside


Non-hazardous Free Flow Cargo

Beans, coffee bean, barley, wheat, corn cocoa powder, flower, milk power, peanut, hyacinth bean, nut ,pea, rice, salt , seed, starch, sugar, tea, fertilizer

Granules or Powder

PTA, zinc powder, polyethylene granules, nylon polymer,ABS resin, polycarbonate granules, aluminum powder, fertilizer, glass bead, polyester granules, PVC granules, soda powder, detergent, porcelain clay, TiO2 powder etc. 

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