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Product Positioning

At present, traditional transportation for bulk liquid, solid, granule, powder is done with wood box, metal box, and containers. These traditional packaging products cost much with heavy weight, they are difficult to assemble and recycle,occupying large storage space. LAF develop Paper IBC made of corrugated paper, it is environmental, easily recovered and collapsible during transportation and storage.


Capacity: 1000L

Loading/Unloading type: top load top discharge, top load bottom discharge

Inner Bag: food grade Low density polyethylene

Valve: 2”food grade valve

Accessories: pallet,electric heating pad are available as optional choice



One 20ft container can load max. 20MT with Paper IBC, loading 25% more volume than

packing with drums, which can load max. 16MT per 20ft container.


Easy installation and operation, no need to change loading equipment, 1 person can finish installation within 1 minute.

Sturdy and Durable

One single Paper IBC could withstand 8000kg could be stacked with 3 layers for storage space saving.

Environmentally Friendly

All paper material used are fully 100% recyclable, no pollution to environment. 

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