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IBC liner is a newly developed package for non-hazardous liquids storage and transportation with intermediate outer box such as collapsible paper box, collapsible steel box, plastic box, etc.


Type: Pillow&cube

Capacity: 220L-1400L ( 220L,1000L,1200L,1400L)

Customized liner to match with various outer box is available.   

Loading/Unloading type: top load top discharge, bottom load bottom discharge, top load bottom discharge

Material: PE film, Nylon film,  EVOH film, Aluminum film

Spout: 2 inch spout


1Low packaging and purchasing cost

IBC liner can save 50-80% cost in packaging compared with traditional liquid container.


Customized liners according to different boxes and one-on-one professional design service is supplied.

3Safety and Sanitation

The food-grade material of low density polyethylene can load the food-grade liquid without any contamination.

The packaging is disposable, free from cleaning and conforms to requirements of food packaging.

4、High-efficiency in operation, suitable for middle and small size liquid cargo transportation.

Easy to load and discharge within 5 minutes, convenient and labor saving.

5、Various material is available for different needs.

Nylon film:  high tensile strength, elongation,tear strength

EVOH film: gas barrier, oil resistant, high strength, flexibility, hardness and wear resistance, antistatic.

Aluminum film: flexible, moisture-proof, oxygen resistant, light-proof, antistatic.

Various spout and adapter is supplied for the different load/discharging requirements.


Food Stuff

wine   edible    sauce   rice wine   fruit juice concentrate  palm oil    Sorbitol  malt extract    milk   fish oil   jam   food addictive   syrup

Industrial Liquids

lubricant   lubricant addictive   glycerol gear oil  coconut oil    Castor oil  Tung oil   transformer oil     white oil    high fat acids

Non-hazardous chemicals

surfactant     plasticizer    synthetic resin     detergent    feed additive  silicate      synthetic latex     sanitilizer   methylating agents    polyols     Propylene glycol   ethylene glycol    solution     natural latex     herbicide    brine   polyether

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