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LAF Wine Tank is a system specially designed for bulk wine transportation.Compared with traditional flexitank, it enjoys the superior performance in oxygen resistance, high standard hygiene and enduring security for the wine quality


Barrieroxygen transmission rate≤ 0.5 cm3/m2·24h·0.1Mpa

oxygen transmission rate ≤0.5 cm3/m2·24h·0.1Mpa.


1. Economical and efficient

Save packaging and transportation cost dramatically than ISO tank.

2. Superior performance in oxygen resistance

Aluminum oxygen resistant barrier, oxygen transmission rate ≤0.5 cm3/m2·24h·0.1Mpa.

Decrease oxygen transmission by 50% compared with conventional flexitank with EVOH barrier.

3. High strength guarantee

World-class quality LLDPE, excellent flexibility and high tensile strength improves the impact resistance. 

4. Safety and Sanitation

The food-grade material of low density polyethylene can load the food-grade liquid without any contamination.

The packaging is disposable, free from cleaning and conforms to the requirement of   food packaging.

5. environmentally friendly

The material is degradable, recycled with no contamination.


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