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The truck flexitank is a new packaging that is suitable for long-distance transport of non-hazardous bulk liquid via motor vehicles like pick-up truck, light and heavy truck and farm vehicle, which allows the liquid transport more economical, flexible and efficient. LAF’s special design cuts the logistics cost and further the sustainable development of the industry.   



style top loading and top discharging


outer bag high tensile strength, anti-leakage PP and multi-layers PE

Inner Liner food grade low density polyethylene

Valve: 3inch ball/butterfly valve and others for choice according to customer need

Accessories: cardboard, steel bar, PE liner


1、Low packaging and procurement cost, 50-80% less than traditional liquid containers like drums and ISO tanks.

2Cost-saving in logistics with the help of various vehicles.

3Safety and Sanitation

The food-grade material of low density polyethylene can load the food-grade liquid without any contamination.

The packaging is disposable, free from cleaning and conforms to requirements of food packaging.

4High efficiency in operation

Easy to load and discharge, convenient and labor saving.

5Wide Application

Truck trailer flexitank can meet the different transporting needs via motor vehicles


The flexitank material is degradable, recycled with no contamination. 

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