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LAF Special Design

1. LAF is the first company designed one-piece tubular PP fabric, LAF flexitank with one-piece tubular PP fabric has passed AAR Railway Impact test, with 2G heavy dynamic impacts to the running container, flexitank was found intact without any leaking. This design is recognized as ZL 2011 2 0039469.8 patent for utility model by China State Intellectual Property Office.

2. Automatic Air Vent can automatically release air when pressure inside flexitank exceeding the set pressure limit, so as to grantee safety of flexitank during transportation.

3. The specially designed bonnet avoids contamination to flexitank caused by spillages during filling or discharging alongside the protection of valve.

4. Frame Bulkhead is in full compliance of COA and COP requirements, LAF flexitank with such bulkhead has passed AAR Railway Impact test, with 2G heavy dynamic impacts to the running container, flexitank valve no touching to container rear end, flexitank was found intact without any leaking, container panels were found with negligible deformation but in full compliance with COA requirements.  

LAF Achievement

1.  LAF accounts for 15% global market share, 30% of Chinese market sh

2. The global service network covering 5 continents, more than 80 countries and 200 base ports, can provides efficient and immediate emergency service, flexitank related service and global logistics.  

3. LAF is the first flexitank operator in Asia who sponsors and take positive part in making the 1st flexitank international standard, COA PAS1008:2015.

4. We are the first in Aisa that have been approved by the American Railroads Impact Test, and get approval of CRCC, Russia and Ukraine Railway Authority.    

5. LAF is the first Asia flexitank operator that has gained the food safety management system certificates of FSSC22000 and supply the clean and safe food-grade logistic packaging for Huiyuan Juice, COFCO Group, Coca-cola, Heinz,and others. 


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