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u  Work Spirit: Dedication, Sharing, Passion and Innovation

u  Mission:Dedicated to being a professional bulk liquid packaging and logistic service provider

u  Vision: Cultivating talents, creating values for society, and undertaking social responsibilities

u  Purpose: Creating the values for customers, Winning the further for LAF

u  Slogan: Producing top-class packages, Building a professional team

u  Service Spirit:Safe—Insisting in high quality principle and building the professional technical team

                                              Secure—Making customers secure while using LAF packages

                            Professional—Providing all sets of packaging and logistic service to customers

                            Concentrated—Meeting up customers’ requirements and Shaping LAF enterprise image



  Tel: 86-532-66098998   66098961   Fax:86-532-66098970   Web:http://www.flexitank.net.cn
  E-mail: info@flexitank.net.cn  鲁ICP备19051157号-2
  Add:No.251,Tian Shan Er' Road, Tongji St.Office,266228, Jimo, Qingdao,China