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      Qingdao LAF Packaging Co. Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of Flexitanks, Dry Bulk Container Liners and IBCs for Liquid and Dry products. We have successfully integrated the R&D, production and sales & marketing into a formidable, quality-driven force competing on the international packaging market. LAF focuses on our customers and we realize that “one-size does not fit all” therefore we provide a customized, professional, worldwide logistics solution and technical support according to our clients’ specific requirements.LAF has invested in the most modern and efficient production facilities operated by our highly trained and proficient employees with support from our top-class R&D team. LAF has invested in our employees in order to ensure that no compromise is made in either quality or demand for continuous improvement and innovation.
      We are the first in our industry to be approved by the Inspection and Quarantine Technical Center of Shandong Exit & Entry Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. Our clients are assured that  production is managed in strict accordance with ISO9001:2008 and ISO22000:2005. Our products have full food-grade approval of FDA, EEC, Kosher, Halal,  QS and other local and international requirements. LAF is one of the first companies having got the approval of the Russia Railway Authority and passing Railway Impact Test in China, as well as fully meeting COA Code of Practice for Flexitanks.
      With growing R&D strength, our manufacturing techniques and product quality have achieved an industry-leading position. So far, LAF has developed many patented designs certified by the State Intellectual Property Bureau. These patents cover innovations such as the Flexitank Stainless Steel  Flange, Nylon Flange, Flexitank Valve, Heating Pad, Container and Truck Flexitank with One-piece Tubular Polypropylene Fabric. All of these developments lead to the reliable product security and quality which our customers expect. 
      With our unrelenting focus on our customer’s satisfaction, LAF ensures that priority is given to supply reliable and quality products as well as first-class service. In order to protect our customers’ interests, all LAF products are covered with Product Liability Insurance by a reliable and well-known insurance company.
Moreover, with an established global service network covering Southeast Asia, Middle East, Russia, Australia, North & South America, Ukraine, Korea, India, together with the 24-hour emergency response service and product tracking systems, LAF ensures our customers are provided  with a round-the-clock fast response  and efficient service.
      With the values of “Dedication, Sharing, Passion and Innovation”, LAF has developed into a respected and continuously improving packaging provider in the Liquid and dry bulk packaging Industries. We see “cultivating talents, creating values for society, undertaking social responsibilities” as our mission. LAF team members are committed to doing utmost to contribute to the packaging industry development, have wide cooperation with partners and create brilliant future together. 
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